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Website Design and Development Projects: Standard Terms and expectations from Client

17th Jun 2014

 Posted in Web Projects

Part of being a professional is to work efficiently and meet your deadline. To effectively execute a project and deliver the best benefits to you, we lay down a few basic process and rules to enable us to communicate and understand each other better and work constructively towards the common goal. I hope you will find this useful.

1. Communication: While working remotely regular and timely communication is essential for the progress of the project. We will be happy to answer any queries/clarify and item at the earliest. Similarly, we expect Prompt responses will be provided for queries/clarifications required during development. Ideally responses by next business day are desirable. Please also note, at times you would need to allocate your time to review the work products(designs, initial sites) sent by us, so please keep that in plan. As you can understand we will not be responsible for delay in project timelines due to indefinite delay in response to queries or approval of work items from buyers.

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Policy on Iterations

11th Dec 2013

 Posted in Web Design,Web Projects

For any Web Design and Development Process, its necessary for users and developers to work together and iterate on the design/website to create the perfect product for clients needs. While we appreciate the need the for iterations, for fixed bid projects we need to have some specific limits defined upfront so that both parties are in sync about what is being provided.

For any standard project with us the following is our policy on iterations:

1)    Web Design: We provide upto 5 rounds of iteration on the design to perfect the design to your needs. In each iteration, we take your comments and suggestions and alter the design as needed and present it to you for further review.

 2)    Web Development: Once the site is developed, we host the site in our TEST hosting for you to review and send us any changes/corrections/issues before going LIVE. We provide upto 3 rounds of iteration on the developed site to carry out any corrections, minor changes(within scope) and to iron out any issues before moving LIVE. No further changes will be entertained after the site has been deployed in Live (except of any critical issue/bug fix)

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How to better handle your Web projects

6th Aug 2013

 Posted in Web Design

web-designMost of you outsourcing your needs for web design and development, would know, how essential it is to have the project done timely and with quality. While we as professional providers do strive to provide the best service in terms of quality and timeline, following a few easy tips will enable us to deliver better results for you time and again. I am sure other web design and development firms will also find this tips very useful

Here we go:

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The step by step web design and development process

6th Aug 2013

 Posted in Web Design

Many of my new clients over the years have enquired about the actual process that is followed for a web development project from the start to end. I am putting that down in this post. Knowing the details of each step helps prevent surprises and enable stakeholders/clients to better manage the project and helps the developers to set right expectations.

The detailed process is as follows:

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Getting the right hosting for your website needs

6th Aug 2013

 Posted in Web Design

I have often found website owners confused regarding the right hosting for their websites. Web hosting companies offer newer plans and cheaper rates to get their attention. While there are number of very affordable website hosting companies available today, but there are few things that need to be checked before buying your hosting.

A very cheap hosting is not good. I have often seen hosting companies offering hosting plans for less than a dollar or two to attract potential clients. Always remember the cheaper the hosting, lower the quality of service. They host their sites on not- so-reliable hardware leading to more downtime for your site. They provide less bandwidth or throttle your bandwidth, so your site will appear considerably slower to your visitors and this also effects your sites reputation with search engines. Also they don’t offer standard web hosting tools making it difficult to deploy and maintain your website in the long run. Spending a few dollars more to get a better and more reliable hosting pays for itself.

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