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In this modern age of smart phones and tablets, not only tech-savvy but even general users are increasingly using smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices to access the web. Web analytics show Websites are increasingly getting more and more traffic from handhelds and website owners are increasing turning towards mobile compatible websites to cater to their increasing number of mobile users.

While mobile sites is one of the ways to  cater to mobiles, but its is more cumbersome to maintain two sites one for the desktop user and one for mobiles. With the advent of Responsive design that solves the problem. 

A Responsive Designed Website (RWD) allows the site to automatically stream a scaled/reformatted version of the site for mobiles and tablets or other handhelds to fit their smaller screens. A RWD has multiple views to cater to not only desktops and mobiles, but a wide variety of combinations like very wide desktops, general desktop, tablets  with portrait and landscape views and host of mobile resolutions starting from high-end to low-end, its very flexible to accommodate a wide variety of screen resolutions. This has also  other advantages like: you need to maintain one website, content changes and updates done to the website will be reflected to both versions, minimizing your effort in updating websites.

 We offer Responsive design and development services and have worked with numerous clients worldwide to help them cater to their mobile audience and would love to work with you as well to provide you a quality responsive website, that meets the needs of your mobile users and help you grow your business. 

Please get in touch with us to discuss more about creating Responsive websites.


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